Combative Edge Alliance

The home of Real Contact Stickfighting and Dog Brothers Martial Arts in the UK.

Dog Brothers Martial Arts is a Kali-Silat ‘System of many styles’ whose curriculum is broken into three core areas: Real Contact Stickfighting, Kali Tudo and Die Less Often.


Real Contact Stickfighting (RCSF)

This is the area for which the Dog Brothers are most well known. RCSF is not for everyone and we need to distinguish the difference between the “Dog Brothers Tribe” (DB-T) and “Dog Brothers Martial Arts” (DBMA). If RCSF/DB-T is not for everyone then DBMA surely is, with its motto being:

“Walk as a warrior for all your days.”

Read more about the paths of DBMA here.

Above video courtesy of our German Dog Brothers from the Kenpokan, Hanover.

Kali Tudo

Kali Tudo is a wordplay on the Brazilian ‘Vale Tudo‘ which means in English ‘anything goes’. Vale Tudo is regarded by many to be one of the precursors to the modern sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

Kali Tudo as a system was developed by DBMA founder Punong Guro Marc ‘Crafty Dog’ Denny who has trained with several of the Vale Tudo legends himself (most notably Marc is a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under the Machado familiy and has trained with them since prior to the ‘BJJ revolution’ of the early 90’s).

Kali Tudo is an empty hand system designed to be tested in the cage yet have real world accountability. This means that 360 degree awareness, weapons access/denial and multiple players (more than one opponent) are trained for.

Die Less Often

In DBMA we acknowledge that violent assaults come from ‘unequal initiative’, that is to say an attacker doesn’t want a fair fight and will do everything in their power to avoid the assault becoming one. To emphasise that idea Punong Guro Marc chose ‘Die Less Often’ (DLO) as the name of the DBMA self defence curriculum, to acknowledge straight away the concept of unequal initiative. The core principle in DLO is simple, avoid the 3S’s: stupid people, doing stupid shit, in stupid places.

That said, the DLO curriculum is mental and physical in equal parts. The DLO curriculum teaches awareness, avoidance, de-escalation, evasion and, if necessary, physical skills which are consistent with those in the RCSF and Kali Tudo curricula (or more correctly, the RCSF and Kali Tudo curricula respect the needs of DLO).