About Us

The Combative Edge Alliance is a loose knit group of practitioners of, primarily, Filipino and Indonesian martial arts. The central art around which we all practice is Dog Brothers Martial Arts, itself a ‘system of many styles’, whose principles form the foundation of what we teach within the CEA.

The CEA was originally founded in 2002 by Dave ‘Yoda’ Green, a Group leader in Dog Brothers Martial Arts under Guro Marc Denny, as well as an instructor in JKD & Inosanto Blend Kali under Marc McFann and a Black belt in Doce Pares Eskrima under Cacoy CaƱete and Danny Guba. In 2006 Dave retired from teaching martial arts and the banner of the CEA was ‘inherited’ by Graeme Higgins and Steve Ormerod, his two senior students and who are Instructors in DBMA (and various other systems) themselves.

CEA/DBMA UK Instructors and Guro Benjamin Rittiner (DBMA European Head)

CEA/DBMA UK Instructors (MIA Matt Tucker) and Guro Benjamin Rittiner (DBMA European Head)

Each CEA group is different, yet the same. We share the same common principles but these can manifest in different ways. The instructors in CEA come from a number of very different martial backgrounds and yet we have found common threads in our personal and training philosophies:

1. Practicality (it should work in a real fight)

2. Curiosity (desire and willingness to learn and try new things)

3. Acceptance of difference (Everyone does different stuff; this is OK. Also we are all different people; this is also OK)

4. Community (we thrive when we work, play and learn together)

These threads are most commonly expressed in our participation in Real Contact Stickfighting.

We also believe strongly in the DBMA concept of the “loose leash”; although each group leader is expected to have an understanding of the whole system, they are encouraged to find their own expression and allowed to have their own focus. This means that though we are all DBMA Instructors, each group will have their own flavour. Some will concentrate on Stickfighting, others may place emphasis on Kali Tudo (DBMA empty hand curriculum) or DLO (Die Less Often, the DBMA self defence curriculum).

We also do not believe in excluding knowledge if it comes from a different martial arts cultural heritage. This means that we will freely incorporate elements of arts such as Jeet Kune Do, BJJ, Muay Thai, Wing Chun and Judo; as long as these elements do not compromise the core principles of DBMA. With this in mind we actively encourage our group leaders to be students of and explore other arts when possible.