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The Paths of DBMA

by Graeme ‘Scotty Dog’ Higgins

The thing that the Dog Brothers and DBMA (Dog Brothers Martial Arts) are undoubtedly best known for is the Gathering. Thanks to the series of instructional DVD’s, what started out as a group of guys hanging round after class, searching for the truth of their art, has grown into a well known event where people from differing backgrounds can come to find the truth in what they do and who they are (as long as they can abide by the codex of “Be Friends At The End Of The Day”). While DBMA is a direct result of the knowledge gained through this endeavour, the Gatherings are now but one path for someone training in DBMA.

Everyone’s reasons for training are their own and no-one’s reason is more valid than anyone else’s, especially as people’s reasons tend to change depending at which point of their path they are on?.

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