Group Leader ‘Dog’ Chris Hawker

Dog Chris (left) and Dog Dave (right)

Dog Chris (left) and Dog Dave (right)

Chris first started training in Wado Ryu Karate under Eaton Francis at age 11, and reached green-belt level. After a long hiatus he reconnected with martial arts whilst studying at Exeter University, briefly training Bujinkan Taijutsu before concentrating fully on his studies in his final years.

After moving to Bristol in 2004, Chris trained in Wing Tsun for 2 years under Luke Wilcox at the Bristol University WT club, enjoying the training, but feeling it lacked live resistance.
In November 2008, Chris happened to spot a flier on the pavement for a Dog Brothers¬†Martial Arts group in Bristol. Having seen footage on YouTube of crazy Americans swinging sticks at each other, he realised that if he wanted to find real “contact” and test his skills, this could be the answer, even if it felt like jumping in the deep end!

After his first class with Colin “Point Dog” Stewart and Lynn “Psycho Bitch” Brown, Chris was hooked, having found the martial art he was looking for all along. In 2010 he attended his first European Gathering of the Pack, where he became a “Dog”, the lowest rank in the Dog Brothers tribe; and later that year, a Group Leader when Colin and Lynn moved to Aberdeen.

He’s currently heading up the Bristol Clan with Dog Dave Lowndes, training every Sunday in Easton, and trying to¬†swing some ratttan with the other UK clans around as often as possible.

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