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Punong Guro Marc ‘Crafty Dog’ Denny

Crafty Dog

From his profile here:

(Punong) Guro Marc “Crafty Dog” Denny is the “Guiding Force” of “the Dog Brothers” and the founder and Head Instructor of the Dog Brothers Martial Arts organization, as well as one of the original first-tier fighters.

In 1981 Guro Marc began his martial arts training with Tiger Claw Kung Fu under Sifu Paul Vizzio in New York. Afterwards he also spent some time with Tae Kwon Do while living in Washington, DC, before moving to California. It was there that Marc was fortunate to meet someone from the Inosanto Academy who told him about kali, whereupon he “wandered in to check it out and have never left”.

There he trained under Guro Dan and also Paul Vunak, and it was through the training group there that Marc was introduced to the concept of full-contact stickfighting.

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In the words of Crafty Dog: “If you see it taught, you see it fought.”


Guro Benjamin ‘Lonely Dog’ Rittiner

Lonely Dog

Benjamin “Lonely Dog” Rittiner is the European representative of Dog Brothers Martial Arts and a member of the Dog Brothers Tribe “Council of Elders”, hence the guiding force and coach for many European Training Groups and Clans. He is also the host of the annual “Gathering of the Pack” in Europe.

He has studied martial arts since 1983, and has been a student under Punong Guro Marc “Crafty Dog” Denny since 1998. He fought his first Gathering in 1999 and received his full Dog Brother dubbing just 3 years later. In 2006 he had the honour to be admitted into the “Council of Elders” (the first Elder not to be an Original Dog Brother).

He is truly a passionate martial artist, teacher and fighter. His love of stick fighting is evident to all who know him, and his ability as a fighter, to all who have faced him.

To learn more about Benjamin, or to find out about European training camps or private training visit his website.